Viridix for Landscape


Revolutionizing Urban Green Spaces

Transforming landscapes with efficient irrigation, water savings, and lush greenery.

Empower Your Greens: The Future of Dynamic Irrigation

Harness the power of Viridix’s 'Sense, Analyze, Act where plants command their own hydration for a landscape that's lush, green, and eco-efficient. Every drop of water is optimized, every blade of grass perfectly nurtured.

Viridix: where landscapes thrive and sustainability is second nature.

Sustainable Impact

Achieve up to 40% water savings, contributing to a greener planet.

Expertise and Experience

Backed by global installations and a commitment to excellence in landscape management.

This collaboration combines Viridix's innovative root technology and Mottech's extensive landscape experience to optimize water consumption, lessen maintenance needs, and improve environmental sustainability in urban landscapes
David Shani
Mottech CEO

Stay Informed 

with Real-Time Alerts

Green All Year Round

Adapts to Every Season

Detect Malfunctions
& Problems easily

Save Water

Up to 40%