I-Dripper, an agritech startup has created Viridix, a precision irrigation decision support system powered by Root Sense soil moisture sensors that help farmers make data driven decisions by gathering data at multiple locations in the field and uploading it to the internet cloud. 

Once uploaded, the data is analyzed and turned into actionable insights that help farmers save water, increase crop yield, raise crop quality, and ultimately increase profits.

Got your Viridix Package?

product value proposition


  • Water potential sensors for highest accuracy
    measurement available in the market.
  • Wireless connection to the internet cloud.
  • Solar powered to self charge.
  • Multi depth to measure soil moisture at multiple depths.
  • No maintenance To make your life easier.


  • Easy to use Decision support system, built for growers.
  • Alerts for under & over irrigation & important weather conditions.
  • Recommendations to maximize field performance.


  • Irrigate according to your field’s needs.
  • Save water to lower your expenses.
  • Grow more to increase profits.
  • Optimize for diversities in the field
  • Manage stress to raise crop quality

Product info

The Root-Sense

The Root-Sense soil moisture sensor measures the water available to the roots of crops, giving a measurement known as Water Potential, which is the most accurate soil moisture measurement in the market.

The sensor is capable of being planted at multiple depths, giving the farmer a full picture of what is going on in the soil. In Addition, it requires no calibration or maintenance.

In other words it is a low cost Tensiometer that is scalable and connected to the internet. 

Our sensors are built for variable rate irrigation, making them most Suitable for Orchards, Vineyards and Green houses.

Decision support system

We have developed a web & mobile customizable dashboard for Real-time historical field status.

This software supports Management of irrigation, helps avoid stress, monitors malfunctions and helps you manage ongoing stress levels.

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