Know what every plant feels, all the time, so you can achieve your irrigation goals across plots.

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Viridix generates ongoing, accurate soil moisture data, creates actionable insights, and sends timely irrigation alerts directly to your app.





Product info

The Root-Sense

The Root-Sense soil moisture sensor measures the water available to the roots of crops, giving a measurement known as Water Potential, which is the most accurate soil moisture measurement in the market.

The sensor is capable of being planted at multiple depths, giving the farmer a full picture of what is going on in the soil. In Addition, it requires no calibration or maintenance.

In other words it is a low cost Tensiometer that is scalable and connected to the internet. 

Our sensors are built for variable rate irrigation, making them most Suitable for Orchards, Vineyards and Green houses.

Decision support system

Viridix empowers farmers by taking uncertainty out of irrigation decisions. By combining accurate and timely water potential data with additional information such as weather, irrigation protocols and soil characteristics, Viridix simplifies and automates one of the most important activities in farming. Optimal irrigation helps farmers optimize productivity, reduce resource consumption and improve sustainability. 

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