Revolutionize Your Soil Aquifer Treatment (SAT) with Precision Irrigation

Maximize Recharge, Reuse Treated Effluent, and Protect Groundwater

Navigating Wastewater Challenges in the Food Industry

Viridix is revolutionizing effluent management in the food industry with cutting-edge solutions that utilize treated wastewater for agricultural use. By avoiding direct discharge into streams and utilizing advanced irrigation techniques, our systems support sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and agricultural sectors.

How It Works

The treated effluent is carefully irrigated into the soil using our Autopilot technology. This system ensures that the irrigation avoids surfacing and manages the depth effectively, preventing runoff and maximizing water usage efficiency. Regulatory Compliance: Viridix solutions comply with stringent regulations, including those in the UK, where our systems are part of the approved water management practices. This compliance ensures that businesses can confidently use our technology to meet local and international standards.

Driving Sustainability and Efficiency

Environmental Protection: By avoiding stream pollution and promoting the reuse of water, Viridix helps protect natural water bodies and supports ecosystem health. Soil Enrichment: The addition of organic nutrients from treated effluent transforms it into a valuable resource that enhances soil fertility, particularly beneficial for organic farming. Water Conservation: Our system repurposes wastewater, reducing the need for fresh water in agricultural applications and promoting sustainable water use.


  • Prevent Surface Water Contamination: Eliminate the risk of effluent runoff and protect streams, rivers, and lakes from pollution.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Meet stringent discharge limits and avoid costly fines with precise effluent management.
  • Protect Aquatic Ecosystems: Maintain healthy water quality in streams and rivers, supporting diverse aquatic life.
  • Data-Driven Peace of Mind: Access real-time data and insights to prove compliance, track performance, and make informed decisions.

"Viridix's innovative solutions have empowered UK factories to significantly reduce stream pollution while simultaneously boosting production efficiency. Their technology is a game-changer for sustainable industrial practices

Stream Pollution Reduction


Land Enrichment


Transform Effluent into Resourceful Irrigation

UK Regulation Approved