Explore Viridix's cutting-edge forest irrigation solutions designed to improve forest management and tree survival rates. Discover how our patented sensor-based technology optimizes water use, supports sustainable forestry practices, and leads to healthier, more resilient forests.

🌿 Exciting News from Viridix! 🌿

We’re thrilled to announce that the Viridix team won first place in the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet Liyisrael) climate challenge! 🥇 Teaming up with Bermad, we presented an innovative solution featuring autopilot irrigation with Bermad irrigation controllers. This achievement propels us into an exciting pilot project aimed at maximizing the survival rate of newly planted trees in Israel’s forests. 🌳
Our funded pilot project will take place in KKL areas in the north of the country under the guidance of KKL’s professional units. Viridix, known for its unique patent for measuring water potential in the ground, utilizes two sensors installed at different depths. The system seamlessly connects to leading irrigation controllers, enabling autonomous sensor-based irrigation. This collaboration with Bermad, a global leader in water solutions, has the potential to revolutionize forest management by providing essential data for informed irrigation decisions, ultimately conserving water and enhancing plant survival rates.
This milestone marks our entry into the forestry industry, adding a new dimension to our mission. We’re immensely grateful to The Kineret Innovation Center and JNF for organizing this challenge and eagerly anticipate collaborating closely with them and Bermad as we embark on this meaningful journey together. 🙏 Stay tuned for updates as we work towards a greener future!