Viridix Hosts Delegation from Slovakian Ministry of Agriculture

An important delegation of Slovakian officials and agricultural professionals recently visited Viridix offices in Modi’in, Israel. 

The delegation was headed by Mr. Samuel Vlčan, Slovak Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic, and consisted of representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , the Ministry of Health and the National Agricultural and Food Center.  The Ambassador Igor Maukš, the Deputy Head of Mission Ľubomír Lúčan and Oliver Buzek the Economic Diplomat at the Slovak embassy in Israel accompanied the delegation.

The Delegation from Slovakia focused on the agri-tech sector, which is growing globally and is a promising opportunity for Slovakia. Israel has been a world leader in this field for many years and so the delegation came to meet with experts from the most exciting Israeli startups in the field,learn about existing technologies and possible areas of collaboration and then to take this knowledge back home to see how it can be implemented locally.

The Viridix team demonstrated the capabilities of the company’s newest product, Viridix Gen3, the professional precision irrigation decision support system, and discussed the importance of precision technologies for sustainable agriculture. 

“We were delighted to have the chance to brief the honored guests on our solutions and the value they can bring to agriculture in Slovakia.” stated Guri Oron, CEO of Viridix, “They were impressed by our latest generation solution of Gen3 and quickly understood how this kind of solution could be valuable to improve both farmers capabilities and crop yield”. 

 About Viridix

Viridix Ltd. empowers farmers by taking uncertainty out of irrigation decisions. By combining accurate and timely water potential data with additional information such as weather, irrigation protocols and soil characteristics, Viridix simplifies and automates one of the most important operations in farming. Precise irrigation helps farmers optimize productivity, reduce resource consumption and improve sustainability.

The Viridix solution is based on revolutionary RooTense® technology that is cost effective, requires no maintenance and is extremely easy to use. This advanced IoT-based solution leverages AI and machine learning to deliver precision irrigation, taking it to the next level with full-irrigation-cycle automation. 

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