Discover how Viridix is transforming agriculture with its plant-based irrigation protocol, enabling plants to self-irrigate, enhancing yield, reducing water usage, and driving sustainability in farming practices. Explore the significant benefits observed in a three-year study with Majhool dates, including a 12.33% increase in profitability and 22% water savings.

New Study Demonstrates Significant Gains in Majhool Date Orchards

Viridix has once again proven the power of innovative irrigation with its latest achievement in Majhool date orchards. A three-year study comparing traditional irrigation methods with Viridix’s Autopilot plant-based irrigation protocol shows remarkable benefits, paving the way for smarter, more sustainable agricultural practices.

The study, conducted on a plot of 548 trees, revealed that Viridix’s technology not only increases profitability but also enhances water efficiency—key factors in today’s environmentally-conscious market. The Autopilot protocol led to a notable 12.33% increase in profitability per tree and achieved approximately 22% water savings compared to conventional flood irrigation methods.

plant based irrigation

Moreover, the yield per tree saw an impressive increase of 15%, without compromising the size and quality of the fruits significantly. These results underscore the potential of letting plants ‘irrigate themselves,’ a method that aligns closely with the natural requirements of the crops, enhancing overall growth and yield.

This groundbreaking approach is not just about saving water or increasing farmers’ income; it’s about integrating advanced, responsive technology into the very fabric of farming, ensuring future readiness for global agricultural practices.

How Plant-Based Irrigation Works:

Viridix’s Autopilot system utilizes advanced sensors to listen to the roots of plants, gauging their water needs in real-time. This technology allows the irrigation system to apply water precisely when and where it is needed, at the right depth, effectively giving control back to the plants. This responsive approach means that if a plant is undergoing periods of rapid growth or facing high evaporation rates, the system adjusts accordingly to the plant’s breath and specific water requirements, ensuring optimal hydration and health.

The Future is Now

At Viridix, we believe that IOD is more than just a technique—it’s the future of agriculture. It represents a shift towards more intelligent, responsive farming practices that respect the natural rhythms of plant life. By choosing Viridix, farmers are not just enhancing their yields; they’re participating in a movement towards a more sustainable and prosperous future for agriculture.

Join us in this journey. Embrace the precision and care of Irrigation on Demand, and watch your farming practices transform. Together, we can redefine agriculture, one drop at a time.

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