We’re excited to share that Viridix was the center of attention at the 2022 Arava region Seasonal Convention. Our team presented a case study on precision irrigation using irrigation on demand (IOD) in date farming with the R&D centers of the Arava and Jordan valley. IOD is a system that uses sensors and controllers to optimize water usage based on the specific needs of plants and aims to conserve water and improve crop yields. Or Autopilot technology adds intelligence to irrigation controllers by turning them on and off based on plant needs.

We’re currently conducting experiments in Ein Yahav and Qaliya in the Jordan valley, comparing the most common irrigation protocol to IOD. The initial results in Ein Yahav have been very promising, with a saving of 30% water and the best quality crop results on the plantation. In Qaliya, we saved 30% water while maintaining the same quantity and quality of dates.

We’d like to thank the testers and farmers who are participating in these experiments and hope to engage in discussions about the benefits of IOD for date farming. As precision irrigation leaders, we believe it’s important to not only achieve better irrigation results, but also act as consultants on how to properly water dates. If you have any questions about IOD or how we can improve your irrigation practices, don’t hesitate to reach out.