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From the roots of your plants to your fingertips – Viridix delivers real time, accurate
soil moisture / water potential readings, as well as soil temperature and climate data,
supported by expert analysis, alerts and suggestions for optimal crop performance.

Viridix’s easy to install and use system is composed of 2 top of the line self-calibrating
sensors, data collector and easy to use app. 




In short:
actionable, grower-friendly info leading to timely responses to irrigation needs and corrective actions

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Accurate information enabling
you to cleverly prioritize your work

Keep up to date/Always
informed at a glance! (including alerts)

Displaying everything you need
to know about your irrigation efficiency

Viridix system’s 3 main components are
its solar powered Data logger,
RooTense sensors, and decision support software.

RooTense, our self-calibrating soil moisture sensors, senses what the root senses. The sensor measures the water available to your plants, (known as Water Potential) and other important irrigation parameters – delivering the most accurate measurements for optimal irrigation in the market.

These multi-depth Sensors can be planted at multiple depths, providing growers with a comprehensive overview of soil conditions. 

Installing it in the field is simple: just plant the solar powered sensor where needed – and at any depth needed to obtain a full picture of the conditions down in the soil and around your plant roots. 

These most cost-effective Plug & Play sensors begin transmitting readings immediately when planted – No calibration or maintenance required! 

The real time data from the sensors is transmitted to the cloud, where data is processed and presented in easy to understand interface.

To put it simply – this is a new, trouble-free and cost-effective version of a tensiometer that is scalable and connected to the internet. 

Our sensors are built for autonomous irrigation (IOD), to optimize yields in orchards, vineyards, greenhouses and more.

Viridix Software

Viridix decision support system 

Leverage accurate data to make smart decisions 

Making the right irrigation decisions, continuously, can mean the difference between bumper crops and poor yields. Viridix system automates the analysis and processing of all the relevant data for optimal irrigation:

  • Water potential – accurate and timely data
  • Virtual/local weather data 
  • Soil characteristics and temperature 
  • Recommended irrigation protocols

The decision support system integrates all the data inputs from the sensors and displays the processed data in a clear, easy to use and understand interface so you can make smart data-driven decisions. The result – optimization of irrigation decisions and actions that maximize productivity, reduce resource consumption, increase yields and maintain crop quality. 


Alerts and recommendations – Viridix is your virtual watchdog that keeps you informed of extreme conditions that require your attention – providing you with alerts based on preset thresholds covering irregularities in soil moisture, salinity levels anomalies, plant stress, low level irrigation and more.


Connectivity – Viridix system also supports connectivity with external irrigation control systems by leading global companies, thus enabling you to streamline your automated irrigation control, remotely.

Data from all the sensors on the ground indicating the water potential for each field in Centibars – soil moisture tensions

viridix data

Graphs displaying data from two sensors, located in the soil at different depths, including the average reading.

Support – Chat with our experts and take advantage of their experience and knowhow.

viridix support

Alerts and suggestions – range of insights sent when Viridix AI identified possible improvements or detects extreme
conditions, based on preset thresholds: irregularities in soil moisture, plant stress and more.

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